It’s been a busy two weeks since I first announced the launch of my new project Postpone, an app for scheduling Reddit posts for increased views, upvotes, and traffic. I’m happy to announce that today I’m releasing a feature-packed update to Postpone: version 2020.2.0!

Here’s the TL;DR for those into the whole brevity thing:

  • Added Subreddit Analysis page
  • Added support for cross-posting submissions to multiple subreddits
  • Added the ability to submit comments with link posts
  • Added upvote and comment counts to Post submissions
  • Added Reddit statistics to the New Post page
  • Added Postpone version to site footer
  • Added the ability to edit flair on queued submissions
  • Fixed links to Features and Pricing from any page
  • Fixed an issue submitting link posts
  • Fixed an issue navigating to submitted link posts on Reddit

Subreddit Analysis #

When scheduling Reddit posts, it’s not enough to know where to post them, you also need to know when to post them. That’s where the Subreddit Analysis page comes in.

Subreddit Analysis helps users find the best time for them to queue up their posts depending on the subreddit. It does this by looking at hundreds of top posts over the last year and seeing what time those posts were submitted.

The best part about Subreddit Analysis: its free for everyone, even those without a Postpone account! Simply navigate here to give it a shot.

Subreddit Analysis page

Cross-post support #

Postpone now supports cross-posting a single post to multiple subreddits at different times. This is useful when you have a post or link you’d like to share, but you want to share it to multiple places to increase the likelihood that it is seen.

To cross-post, click the “Cross-post to Another Subreddit” button. Postpone allows cross-posting to 4 additional subreddits. Cross-post support is available for paid Postpone plans.

Cross-post support

Link posts are the most popular type of content on Reddit, however the title alone does not provide a lot of context. This is where comments come in.

Postpone now gives users the ability to include a comment with their posts. Postpone will deliver your comments as soon as your post is submitted to Reddit. Commenting on link posts is available on all plans.

Link post comments

Reddit statistics #

Did you know that the top Reddit posts have titles with fewer than 120 characters? Did you know that 38% of Reddit users consider themselves technology lovers? Now you do!

Postpone now displays Reddit statistics when submitting a post. These will help users make decisions on what to post, such as including shorter titles or submitting links more often than posts.

Reddit statistics Reddit statistics

And also… #

Postpone will now track the total number of upvotes and comments that your submissions receive after you post them. After queueing up some posts, come back to Postpone over the next few days to see how your submissions are doing.

Some bugs were also squashed! These bugs are as good as gone:

  • Fixed links to Features and Pricing from any page
  • Fixed an issue submitting link posts
  • Fixed an issue navigating to submitted link posts on Reddit

Stay tuned #

That is it for now. Stay tuned for additional updates in the coming weeks and months!