BriteQuote - BriteCon 2019

At BriteCon 2019 I gave a talk on BriteQuote, BriteCore’s configurable Quoting system. During my time at BriteCore I architected BriteQuote from the first line of code, hired the engineers and Product Owner for this team, and managed the team for a year and a half.

BriteLines - BriteCon 2019

At BriteCon 2019 I also introduced BriteCore’s new BriteLines Product Owner Chelsea Ux to talk about the changes in BriteLines since BriteCon 2018.

BriteLines - BriteCon 2018

At BriteCon 2018 I gave a talk on BriteLines, which is one of the projects I lead at BriteCore.

In this talk, I demonstrate the capabilities of BriteLines to our customers. This includes:

  • Defining insurance products
  • Data modeling insurance products with Fields and Coverages
  • Rating insurance products with Rate Tables and Calculations
  • Inheriting product definitions across multiple states
  • Versioning products over time

BriteClaims - BriteCon 2017

At BriteCon 2017 I gave a talk on BriteClaims, which is a project I lead.